Troubleshooting Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

Recommendation:Those attending this seminar should have prior on-the-job experience, as well as some technical training in HVACR. Seventy-Five (75%) percent of this seminar is "hands on" experience in the laboratory. Prerequisite: Basic and Advanced courses.

Sessions: (See schedule)

Cost: $1,990.00 - Five Day Seminar (training material included)

Job Skills Topics:

  1. Review of refrigeration systems, including the refrigeration cycle, accessories, water and air-cooled systems and electrical control
  2. Piping layout and oil problems
  3. Collecting and analyzing data
  4. Troubleshooting the entire system - electrical and refrigeration
  5. Cleaning up after a compressor burnout
  6. Preventing future compressor failures
  7. Systematic ways of eliminating refrigerant and electrical problems
  8. Air analysis, problems and measurements
  9. Capacity calculation
  10. Detecting and eliminating floodback and slugging problems
  11. Tuning up your system for maximum efficiency

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