Basic Electrical For Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

Recommendation: Most problems in HVACR systems are electrical. This is a basic class for those that do not have electrical experience. The threeday class begins with fundamentals of electrical and advances to basic electrical troubleshooting techniques. The course will discuss how to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair common components found in HVACR systems. The lab portion of the course includes wiring basic circuits; troubleshooting components and troubleshooting operating systems. The
course will show the learner how to use troubleshooting tools such as the voltmeter, ohmmeter and ammeter. This is a vital class to learn the basics of electricity and troubleshooting.

Sessions: (See schedule)

Cost: $1,495.00 - (training material included)

Job Skills Topics:

  1. Electrical safety
  2. Electrical fundamentals
  3. Understanding electrical symbols
  4. Reading electrical diagrams
  5. Basic diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair skills
  6. Troubleshooting HVACR components such as fuses, transformers, contactors, relays, capacitors, and thermostats
  7. Troubleshooting fan and pump motors
  8. Troubleshooting compressor motors
  9. Troubleshooting HVACR systems
  10. Learning to apply Ohm's Law
  11. Wiring basic air conditioning circuits
  12. Using electrical diagrams to troubleshoot
  13. Planning the troubleshooting process

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