Basic Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Training

Recommendation: Class is appropriate for electricians or mechanics who are going to maintain air conditioning and refrigeration systems, but who have only limited experience or training in HVACR. Twenty-five (25%) percent of this seminar is "hands on" experience in the laboratory.

Sessions: (See schedule)

Cost: $1925.00 – Four Day Seminar (study materials included)

Job Skills Topics:

  1. Definitions
  2. Refrigerant pressure - temperature chart analysis
  3. Basic refrigeration cycle
  4. Compressors - in mechanical refrigeration systems
  5. Condensers - construction, characteristics and types
  6. Evaporators - construction
  7. Refrigerant flow controls - types, functions and adjustments
  8. Refrigerants - new EPA Approval
  9. Basic electricity for refrigeration
  10. Soldering/Brazing - system assembly, procedure and repair
  11. Leak detection
  12. Recovery and charging of systems and other service techniques
  13. Scheduled maintenance

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